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Need more than just a German website?

Launching your German site is the easy part. What’s difficult is getting your news out – quickly and effectively. That’s where our expertise comes in. We help established companies bring their services and information to a German audience. The key? Full Language Management (FLM).

Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort

Full Language Management is extremely efficient – both in terms of functionality as well as financially. By combining the individual components – translation, revision, publishing, publicizing - without losing quality, the structure can be kept decidedly leaner. For our clients that means less to coordinate, more time savings and reduced costs – even when only a part of FLM services are contracted.

We Speak from Experience

Quality comes from experience. And we have plenty of it: two decades in journalism and advertising. Over one decade in public relations. Years of experience with content management systems and Internet solutions. In our language – German. That’s what gives us the experience needed for Full Language Management.

Broad Range - Direct Path

As part of the neolutions.com network, Wingerman has abundant resources at its disposal in the field of language–based communication projects. This makes it easy to realize projects – even beyond Internet – quickly and efficiently.

„The efficiency of Full Language Management is impressive. It gives us a huge degree of support in terms of time saving and organizational effort.“
C. A., Project Management Internet Communication Renault Deutschland AG